5 Things to Know About Hua Hin before Investing in Real Estate

Hua Hin might not have a worldly reputation, but it certainly is one of the unique cities in Thailand. Located only two hours from Bangkok, it is a cosmopolitan city that has embraced all aspects of modern living, while at the same time not deviating from its traditional roots.

Until recently, the city was out of the scope of major investors and developers. That’s no more the case as the city attracts interests from both locals and expatriates. The demand for Hua Hin real estate is continuously growing.

Here are the top 5 reasons that fuel the growth of the Hua Hin real estate market.

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#5 Proximity to Bangkok

Bangkok is Thailand’s beating heart from where it all begins and ends. It is a massive city with a population of over 8 million people. A good percentage have done for themselves and are always searching for new ways to get away even for some time from the super busy city and their fast-paced lifestyle.

As a result, there is a renowned interest in Hua Hin. Plus, Hua Hin is well connected by a fast express road, a railway, and multiple bus lines every day. Traveling from Bangkok to Hua Hin takes only two to three hours.

Some spend their vacation days there, others visit the area for the weekends, and then some are buying houses and properties. Some do it because they plan to live there, while others see it as an investment opportunity. Whatever the case, rich and middle-class Bangkok residents are investing heavily in the local real estate market.

#4 Home to Many Expatriates

Around 4,000 expatriates are living in Hua Hin. There are large communities of Indian, Burmese, and Nepalese. Then there are the Western groups represented by English, Scandinavians, Americans, and Dutch people. Western influence is felt all over the city, especially in the city’s architecture.

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Many expatriates that were previously working and living in Bangkok are now moving in Hua Hin because of the low cost of living, cosmopolitan culture, and favorable climate. Then there is a small community of digital nomads that come in the city to live and work for some time.

#3 Hua Hin’s Growing Tourism

According to Thai’s bureau of statistics, the number of foreign tourists in the city is constantly growing. In the last five years, from 2014 to 2019, the number of foreign tourists that have visited the city has grown by 6% annually. The Thia government and ministry of tourism expect that percentage to increase even more in 2020 and the years that come.

#2 Excellent Infrastructure

Thailand’s government sees great value in Hua Hin, and it invests millions of dollars each year in its infrastructure. They have improved the local railway, the roads, and pretty much anything that needed an infrastructural upgrade.

#1 A City Steeped in History

In the past, Thai royalties spend their summers vacationing there. There are palaces and summer retreats where the royal family enjoyed. Prince Chakrabhongse built the first royal villa; then, King Rama VI built another one. King Rama VII also built an extraordinary palace named “Klaikangwon”. Klaikangwon translates “far from worries” palace. That speaks volumes about the sentiment the royal family had for this place.