How To Decorate Your Home To Increase Its Market Value

Homebuyers usually fall in love with a home that’s been skillfully constructed architecturally and professionally staged.  Remodeling or redesigning the interior of your home for comfort and greater marketability and value is a great way to sell your home but for some, interior decorating is a challenging and stressful process. Here are some tips on how you can decorate your home like a pro.

* Narrow down your options.  Find something in your home that’s really working for you.  Begin with one room, complete it and then move to the next.  Keep a notebook handy and write down all ideas, wish list, color schemes, room themes, notes, receipts and any other information necessary when you start decorating your home.

* When you do your own interior decorating, remember that all changes are not equal and the same.  Don’t overdo the rooms because the buyers would still want to make their own changes when they settle in the home.

* Make your kitchen more appealing by adding a custom range hood.  There are many different looks but, if you don’t overlook the hood, you’ll find that you can blend your entire kitchen together in a seamless fashion by integrating colors, textures, and design with a hood. Rather than a stainless steel hood, a custom hood in a subtle finish can soften the feel of the kitchen and integrate well with the cabinets.